Mountain Top Counseling: Couples Therapy Program

Our office has recently launched an alternative program to couples/marriage counseling. This program is not your traditional counseling, as it is a more in depth, intensive program designed to get to the root of issues between couples and to help both parties understand and more effectively communicate with one another.
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Gottman Method

Our program will consist of the Gottman Method curriculum, techniques, and interventions. Over the course of 40 years, the Gottmans have worked with thousands of couples to create a program that has a success rate of 86% after six years of using the Gottman skills in their relationship.

The program consists of 8 90 minutes sessions with 2 therapists. There is also a weekend intensive option available with the same amount of hours. Because this program will include two therapists, and the length of time the program runs, this will not be reimbursable by insurance. The cost of this program is $2,500, payable in full or with 4 payments of $500 due every two weeks. There is also an additional vow renewal ceremony available upon request at the end of the program for an additional cost of $150.
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About the Therapists
Growing up, Michelle was one of three children raised by a single mom after her parents divorced. Experiencing the stress of this dynamic, Michelle was determined to create a stable and loving home of her own when she was in that stage of her life. Admittedly, she wishes she had the Gottman training before going into her marriage–it would have saved them a lot of conflict! Today, Michelle proudly talks about her spouse of 13 years and her two children, with whom she shares a beautiful bond. Michelle’s home life is one of respect, faith, and love, and she considers this her greatest source of joy. Michelle is most excited to work with couples who love each other deeply, but just cannot seem to find a way to consistently show and feel that love.

Lauren and her partner have been together since high school, essentially growing up side-by-side and learning as they've journeyed through life. From the excitement of moving-in together, moving across the country and back, getting engaged, to the challenges of raising children, they've faced it all together. These experiences have taught Lauren resilience and strength, showing her how to weather any storm that comes their way. Now, she's passionate about sharing what she's learned with other couples, helping them find their own path to reconnecting through life's ups and downs. Lauren feels deeply committed to guiding couples along the intricate path to reconnection. She firmly believes a couple's ability to maintain a strong bond during the most challenging moments within their relationship serves as a crucial indicator of their resilience and potential for maintaining happiness. Rather than seeing these difficult periods as obstacles, Lauren views them as opportunities for growth, understanding, and the deepening of emotional connection between partners.

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